Network operators can incorporate various apps and services developed by Paragon Software into their own infrastructure and offer them under their own brand. Furthermore, they get it fully managed/maintained/supported by Paragon Software’s team of leading experts.


Mobile Operator Resource Environment is a client-server, customizable solution, which includes branded program shell, installed on user device and offers single-point access to the range of free and paid-base essential services, applications and content. When using MORE on a device, customer receives various useful services and applications, developed both by Operator and third-party companies, including such highly-demanded applications and services as Weather forecast, Dictionary service, Value and currency converter, News client developed by Paragon Software. As well subscriber’s device is fully-branded by Operator corporative style, which includes themes, wallpapers and ringtones. This is a great way to increase Operator brand awareness and loyalty of subscribers. All services in MORE and program shell itself are easily updated, so the user always has an access to the newest version of solution.


Mobile chat allows users to communicate using instant text messages directly through their mobile devices. Mobile chat has all standard functionality of usual instant-messaging client:

  • Change status and manually set status “Online”/”Offline” while user is online;
  • Send and receive message to all users of Mobile Chat;
  • Browse contact list, add/edit/delete contacts;
  • Check status of the target directly through contact list;
  • Edit user’s contact details;
  • Filter incoming messages from definite users, edit ‘ignore-list’;
  • Save and edit message history;
  • Create chat-rooms and send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously;
  • Get notifications(contact has changed his/her status, received a message etc.);
  • Get banner advertisements from Operator ad server;
  • Automatically authorize and register new client;


Mobile mail offers full access to the e-mail from any mobile device.

This solution is aimed to the users of mobile devices, which has not got pre-installed mail client or where client’s functionality is somehow limited.

Mobile mail helps to convert incoming and outgoing mail items to the requirements of particular mobile device, including text conversion, compress of images etc. This feature helps to get access to the mail items in an easy and comfortable way.


Operator services client (Mobile helper) is a useful shell which grants access to various operator services directly from user’s device through user-friendly interface.

This solution allows to access different information (user balance, information about user’s plan), to enable/disable additional services, get more information about services.

The most valuable information is displayed on the main screen of solution. All the info is divided into partitions, which can be easily managed by operator through the CMS.


At the moment all operators solutions are successfully used by Mobile TeleSystems(MTS-Russia)- the largest mobile phone operator in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). MTS services over 96.6 million subscribers (as of March 31, 2009). The first service- MORE(name as MTS Catalogue) was launched February 13,2009. MTS subscribers received a link via text message to, where they were invited to download MTS Catalogue(version of MORE branded for MTS). It included 7 services. During the first two months subsequent to the launch of service, nearly 27,500 MTS subscribers have taken advantage of new service. Nearly 75% of them downloaded 5 applications out of the 7, offered in the catalogue. Amount of traffic for those interactions increased by 124 percent.

MTS Catalogue won GTB’s Innovation Awards 2009 as ‘Most Innovative Project’.

More information about our cooperation with MTS you can read from Case study/Feature story


If you would like to know more about our operator solutions or have any other questions, please use the contact form below and our specialists will contact you.



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